Active Mo(ve)ments

Active Mo(ve)ments is a small organisation that organises functional fitness holidays and events. Our goal is to organise holidays/events that allow you to enjoy your surroundings and explore the area in a fun way and it always includes visits to a CrossFit box or event.

Stay active. Keep moving. Enjoy every ´╗┐moment´╗┐!

The focus of Active Mo(ve)ments trips lie on having fun, enjoying some functional fitness, exploring new places, meeting people with the same interests and creating great and active moments to never forget. 

The collaboration with Reebok Crossfit Duna to organise Tour de Budapest together is a perfect fit, as Tour de Budapest combines all of those elements. It gives you a great, active and above all, fun way, to enjoy the beautiful city of Budapest.

With our Premium weekend package we provide you with extra services and activities to make it a holiday full of Active Mo(ve)ments and certainly a weekend to remember.